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Survey and marine consulting

“Everything is quite till everything goes good, but nothing goes good when something goes wrong”. Who thing in such way that is always right because where there is the sea something goes in a wrong way and one small issue can cause the huge non-conformity and this is a quite important thing on the sea to be prepared and take the preventive action because the sea is the nature that human will not be able to manage.

The good practise is to have the ears and eyes in the port of loading/unloading to have an assurance, that the load has arrived or been loaded in acceptable condition and one will not pay for the additional operations and, if something unusual unfortunately happened, in that port there is the partner who will safe my money. This partner is called the “independent surveyor”.

We are able to do the following standardised service for you:

  • Qualitative inspection of bulk cargoes
  • Quality inspection and supervising on cargo operations
  • Preloading inspection
  • Tally survey and count
  • Stability survey
  • Bunker survey
  • Draft survey
  • Claim survey
  • On/off-hire condition survey
  • Pre-purchasing survey
  • Sampling and express analysing
  • Pre-entry condition survey (P&I and H&M)
  • Assistance to the master/owner, principal
  • Monitoring of cargo operations

The “standardised service” means, that the production process and reporting are well adjusted and that the quality of the service is fully assured.

Moreover we can propose the following service in terms of technical expertise:

  • performance of residual thickness measurements of hull constructions and pipelines by ultrasonic tests
  • calculation of actual and permissible wear and tear of hull constructions
  • calculation of operation period of constructions basing on the wear and tear of hull constructions
  • general estimation of technical condition of ship’s constructions on the basis of visual inspection
  • definition of value of necessary repair for renovation of hull constructions, elaboration of repair list
  • elaboration of repair procedure of hull constructions
  • drawing up necessary documents and their approving by the classification society
  • independent supervision over ship repair, renovation and construction

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