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CNIIMF certification

According to Russian and international sea rules the vessel master should know the character of the cargo to have an assurance, that:

  1. the cargo is suitable to the defined criteria, and
  2. the master knows how o manage the applicable to the cargo risks to comply with requirements to the safety for the cargo and the peoples and environment

To comply with a.m. criteria, the Russian Government authorised the Central Marine Research and Design Institute (CNIIMF) to provide the exported cargoes with safety declarations and certificates.

The institute works thought the net approved representatives on the territory of Russian Federation, who works in our company: 

1. Skripkin Yuri Alekseevich
2. Sak Boris Vladimirovich
3. Stryapukhin Sergey Viktorovich
4. Koshma Vadim Igorevich

Annually the CNIIMF's representatives were

Annually, the CNIIMF representatives receive a Letter of Attorney from the Institute for the right to accompany cargo declarations, issue certificates of conformity on behalf of CNIIMF, and issue documents for the placement and securing of cargo on board.

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